Sperdunky Media was founded by Hayden Howard in 2019. We officially began with the release of the ‘Unchained’ music video which featured music by the artist ‘ShadowBuddy’. Before Sperdunky Media, Hayden Howard made music with ShadowBuddy under the call sign ‘Sperdunky’. Before going by Shadow Buddy and Sperdunky the two were in a group called ‘The Pines’. Releasing the following songs:

Hell on Earth

Times Past

Green Sky

Grandmas in the Attic

Sperdunky and ShadowBuddy would go their separate ways for a bit still making their own music, but we eventually came back together to produce some more music as our new personas. We put out a mixtape on youtube called “Night Time Medicine” which Included the following.

Night Time Medicine

I Lost My Soul



Shadow Buddy (Left) Sperdunky (Right) 2014 [As ‘The Pines’]