Indie Game Devs Season One

The show highlighting Game Devs, their games and how you can get started making your own games!

Episode One: Coral: A Halo Fan Game, Vertexualizer | Are fan games a good intro to game development?

Jebobs/ Nate (Co-Founder of CoralWave)
YessfulMan/ Torrey (Co-Founder of CoralWave)

Episode Two: Cyber Citi and Alta’s Odyssey: Two Solo Devs | Managing Scope as a solo dev.

CyberWave/ Isaac (Creator of Cyber Citi)
SparrowSoft/ Mat (Creator of Alta’s Odyssey)

Episode Three: Our Last Dayz | The Advantages of being an Independent Developer.

Guest: Natasmai Studio (Fred Haschalk Solo Dev)

Episode Four: Terra Alia | What you learn about your game post-launch | The Power of Marketing

Guest: Bobby White Game Designer (30 Parallel)

Episode Five: Cosmic Meatballa!

Meet members of North Forest Games as we make a new project live!

Episode Six: Jebobs’ Return! Cosmic Meatballa pt.2!

Episode Seven: Danger! Multiplayer Design

Episode Eight: Foundations | Blondie Wales Games

joined by Jon Paul and Dakota from Blondie Wales Games

Episode Nine: Starting Your Game Studio! | Blondie Wales Games Returns

Jon-Paul returns.

Episode Ten: Thibutune | Stephan Du Toit