Latest Update (8-25-23)

You can Now Follow Demoto Legends on and get notified when the Demo is available!

Play as the young warrior Kivo Kivasi on a quest for vengeance in this Action 2d Sandbox!


Sperdunky and Friends is back from our break! I’m moved into my new place and settled in and its time to bring back The Indie Game Devs Podcast! Our first guest to join us this time around is Stephan Du Toit a solo developer out of South Africa with his game Thibutune!
Quick Preview of Episode Ten of Indie Game Devs Podcast.

Sperdunky is now open for commissions! I started a Fiverr and if you join my discord I am offering anyone in my discord the first tier for free during the month of August!

Design unique character concept art by Spunderground | Fiverr

Update From (5-16-23)

Hey Friends, Sperdunky here. It’s been an exciting month for Sperdunky Media. We Uploaded Sperdunky and Friends | Indie Game Devs Podcast episode one on April First 2023. The first two episodes featured guests that were people from my game dev circles. My third episode featured Natasmai Studios a solo dev that I reached out to and agreed to come on. Not long after publishing that episode Bobby from the project Terra Alia reached out to me to come onto the podcast. I really can’t express how lucky I feel to have these devs give our little podcast a chance. We really don’t have the kind of platform or audience to give them significant numbers, but hopefully as we grow we can come back and highlight these projects in a meaningful way. I’m looking forward to see where we can go next, stay tuned! Sperdunky and Friends Discord will be open to the public (coming soon) These guests are a part of that server now and you can be too!


Indie Game Devs Podcast Tab added. Archived Episodes will be listed.

(Episode 1- 4 Available)

Episodes are recorded Live on Twitch.

SperdunkyAndFriends – Twitch


Faction Concept Art has been added to the Demoto Dragon Category. Demoto Dragon is an action shooter with a focus on vehicle mayhem against alien lizards and a phantom invasion! (preproduction)


Catch Up on Trials of White Scale! Trial Three Available Friday (May 12th)