Sperdunky’s Credits on This Project: World Building, Writing, Character Design, Concept Art, Gameplay Design, Animation.


Lekiton Tribe
Ethereal Invaders

12/8/2023 Some work on the updated “look” for Demoto Dragon.

Let’s look at the early versions of the main character’s design.

The Original design was based off of a previous project which involved some of the same lore, but we decided ultimately this didn’t fit the new setting.
This design was cleaned up quite a bit and was more in tune with the vision of the character.
We decided we wanted to bring down the polygon count on the character so we went through some design changes. This is not the final version of the character as that will be saved for official announcements, but this is a close representation of the look. No textures or smoothed normals enabled.
In Demoto Dragon, your main way of traversing the world of Yatu, is on a high tech motorcycle called The Demoto.
In Engine (UE5) Screenshot Holding a lekiton Weapon watching a Stryder come over the cliff.
Kidorian Blaster

The Following are some character concepts that are yet to be fully explored.