Merlot’s Tower: A Gender Reveal Game.

How I Made a Gender Reveal Game in Two Weeks!

Merlot’s Tower Script.

Katie (playable character)
Merlot the Rat Menace (you can tell by the mustache)
Merlot’s Tower Finale
character sprite sheet, Milo/Merlot, Flea enemies, Katie. Other Details.
Flea Enemy Types Summoned by Merlot.
Pick Up Item Sprite Sheet.
Queen Flea Sprite Sheet
Sperdunky Beans (NPC) Sprite Sheet
Merlot’s Seal.
French Cuisine Poster “French Food”
French Cuisine Poster “The Absolute Best”
Document: Gender Results
The Reveal Video. Had issues with Audio when this was recording so there are some weird edits. Enjoy!